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Child Care Services

Wawota & Community Early Learning Center is a government licensed child care facility.  We have 30 spaces and take children u to 12 years of age.  We have Early Childhood Education trained staff and offer full programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children.

Our Philosophy

At the Wawota Daycare, our main objective is to ensure the well-being and safety of every child in our care.  We intend to provide a warm, inviting, caring environment in which all children are free to develop and grow as individuals.  It is our aim to assist children in their exploiration of the world around them through a variety of enriching experiences.

We strive to promote individuality, creativity and self-acceptance in our center.  Children are given many opportunities to express themselves in many different ways through play and group activities, where co-operation and personal accomplishments are stressed, rather than competition.

The children are offered various experiences, along with the stability of a regular schedule.  We offer many different activities such as crafts, games, circle time, songs, dramatic and gross motor play everyday. 

We encourage the children to get along with others and participate actively in groups, and we work daily on communicating with others in positive ways.  At the Wawota Daycare we stress the importance of acceptance and open-mindedness.  We encourage children to treat eachother equally, and how they themselves like to be treated.  No child, parent, or staff member shall be discriminated against by anyone in any way.

At the Wawota Daycare we are committed to recognizing the parents roles and responsibilities in determining appropriate care for their child(ren).  We respect families' child-rearing practises and strive to work alongside families, supporting their parenting efforts in any way we can.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously in our Center.  We only share information about a child with their custodial parent(s) or other caregivers appointed by the custodial parent(s) (if the parent(s) have given us permission to share information with this person/people), and the Center staff.  All staff members (including relief staff) must sign an Oath of Confidentiality before working in the Center.